Monika Ellis

Digital Marketer Experienced Analyst Textile Artist


Helping people and organizations succeed


A few gracious words from some people I've had the pleasure to work with

Rachel James Johnes
Blue Jenkins

CCO at EQT Corporation

Monika is one of the best fundamental analysts I've had the pleasure to work with over my career. She excels at clear, actionable insights that provide tremendous value in assisting in key decision-making.

Rachel James Johnes
Bart Roy Burk

Senior Analyst at Genscape

As a manager, Monika exhibited true leadership characteristics. She respected and empowered her analysts achieving the best possible performance and results from her group.

Rachel James Johnes
Mike Zenker

Managing Director, NextEra Energy

Monika is a dedicated professional, and as a researcher was committed to seeing the job through to her high standards. Her approach demonstrated a desire to always advance her clients’ understanding to a higher level.